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There are many landscape, lawn care and property maintenance companies in Scarborough one quick search for a service such as lawn care service will display many results in West Hill, North York, East York, Scarborough and Toronto. So how do you decide which one to use for your property maintenance? First you have to find the companies that provide the services you are looking for. Are you looking for just lawn cutting? Maybe you would like to have a fertilizing service as well. Do you have gardens that need to be maintained? When a company offers a property services they should have the knowledge to apply the service in the correct way. Lawn cutting service is rather basic but there is more to it than just running a mower over the lawn. What if you have gardens? Gardens require a high level of knowledge in order to maintain them in the correct way. There are many plants and bushes and some require pruning during certain periods of the year and all of them need to be pruned the correct way. What about knowledge of plant selection? If the property is located in Scarborough than consideration has to go into anything that is being planted to ensure it is ideal for the conditions in Scarborough. The area the plant will be planted has to be ideal for a particular plants survival and growth. Some things to consider are how much sunlight will it get and for how long, the distance plants should be from one another to allow growth and soil PH levels. Some plants do well with a high PH level and others do well with a lower level of PH. Even your lawns PH level should be taken into consideration when deciding on proper maintenance. Gardens in Scarborough go through fairly harsh weather conditions and should be designed to survive those conditions. A garden should always be designed on paper first. This means measuring the garden bed and then selecting the plants and shrubs that will fit best into the space and that go well together. The Color, shape, height, width of each plant all should be thought out thoroughly before planting. Many property owners in Scarborough have come to us to design a garden that is low maintenance others want specific plants and are not worried about the maintenance involved. These are all things we consider when we design a garden. Training employees is an import aspect of lawn and garden services and the key to training is ensuring that the training is delivered by an educated, certified teacher. At JM Landscaping we are proud to say that all of our employees are trained by our educated and certified professionals. All our Lawn services we offer are managed by our most experienced lawn expert who is educated through Ryerson University. All of our garden services are managed and design by our certified Canadian Landscape Processional (CLP), she is also educated in horticulture through Toronto's Humber College and she has over 17 years' experience with many aspects of landscaping. Before she started with JM Landscaping she was employed by an award winning Landscape Company that is located in Scarborough. Now she is a highly respected employee at JM Landscaping and the driving force of superior customer service and garden design.


The fact is that snow removal with a snow plow usually does not damage your driveway. In some cases the snow plow can create surface damage to asphalt and concrete due to the fact that a steel blade is dragged or push along the surface. Other times damages occur because of the conditions of the area to be plowed, they could be old and already uneven and cracking due to frost. A good company will make note of such conditions and do their best to do their best to avoid further damage. If you are concerned about surface damage to your driveway than you should considering hiring a company that provides snow blowing or hand shovelling as an alternative to snow plowing. If you are concerned about damage beyond surface damage than you should only hire a company that accepts responsibility for any damage they have done. Usually if you are in contact with a reliable company they will provide you with a contract stating they are responsible for damages due to being negligent. Your other options are to hire a company that removes snow by hand. With an experienced company and in my opinion a reliable company the service will cost more than removing it with a plow but it is up to you to decide if the extra money is worth it vs the plowing contract you may be getting into. If you do not want to spend the extra money on a reliable company that offers snow removal by hand or with a snow blower and you are concerned about damage than you should look at the contract and be sure it is fair for both parties regarding any damage that may occur.


With so many "companies" in Scarborough offering snow removal service, how do you choose the right one? Should you go with the lowest price? The answer to be blunt is NO! Unfortunately there are many advertisements offering snow removal at lower than usual rates. They are often referred to as "under cutters". Think about it; can these "under cutting" companies live up to your expectation? Can they provide you service for the winter as they have priced? Most likely they cannot. Every year there is new snow removal companies offering services at lower than usual rates. So how do you determine if you are getting your money's worth and hiring a reliable snow removal contractor? First of all and unfortunately for both reliable companies and customers, there are many bad apples out there that will sign you up for a contract, take your first payment and you will never see them again. Pay attention! Do these "contractors" have a website, do they offer you a service agreement, do they offer a phone number and can you verify their business contact details online? Ask for their snow removal price upfront without the cost of salt. Let's say they have told you $500 for the season. Than ask for the cost of salt. Did they answer back and tell you $600 with unlimited salt? It is not possible, salt costs based on snow removal for a price of $500 are more than $100. Do you want to be left in the cold shovelling your snow and chipping away at ice when you have paid a company to do it for you? Saving a dollar is what everyone wants but what you get in return for that saved dollar should be taken into account and sometimes it is best to spend the extra dollar for reliable service.

LAST YEAR'S ICE STORM - September 28 2015

Last winter the City of Toronto suffered an extreme winter storm event the likes of which it has not experienced in the last decade. The storm produced freezing rain, ice pellets and destructively high winds which resulted in wide-spread power outages due to downed power lines from both fallen trees and tree limbs. As a result of the winter storm event, over 300,000 Toronto Hydro customers were without power. In addition to the significant property damage, thousands of Torontonians were displaced from their homes, or were forced to stay in their homes in uncomfortable circumstances just days before Christmas. Over and above the direct financial impacts for the City and residents of Toronto; businesses across the GTA were affected by the hydro outage which also impacted the economy of the City during that period. The scope and magnitude of this extreme winter storm was unprecedented. At the same time, the efforts of staff from City divisions, agencies and corporations in responding to the event were exceptional under difficult conditions. With the assistance of the Canadian Red Cross, City staff quickly mobilized to provide reception centers for those Torontonians who were without power. Toronto Community Housing, the Community Care Access Centers, Toronto Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police ensured residents of high rise buildings, including those particularly vulnerable, were contacted regularly to ensure their health and safety. Toronto Hydro and Forestry crews worked around the clock to, to repair electricity transmission equipment remove damaged trees, and to restore the transportation system. Even now, in the middle of September 2014 - post recovery efforts by Toronto Hydro, and several City divisions, including Forestry, Transportation & Solid Waste related to debris management, remain on-going. In a report released in January 2014, the City estimated that the costs of the December 21/22, 2013 winter storm event for City divisions, agencies and corporations was approximately $106 million, which includes incurred and estimated future 2014 expenses and lost revenue. This report continued to indicate that the City's ability to deal with these significant cost pressures is exacerbated by the financial pressures resulting from the summer storm (July 8, 2013) event that, as reported to Council in November 2013, is estimated to have cost the City $65.2 million. Thus, the City has incurred an estimated $171 million of storm damage in 2013. As a result of the findings of the above report; the City Manager directed that the City Council request the Provincial and Federal governments to provide additional disaster assistance to the City of Toronto and Toronto Hydro through ODRAP and/or any current relevant programs. Given the magnitude of impact of the storm on the City of Toronto, it was also recommended that the Provincial and Federal governments develop new programs for future disaster aid and mitigation including urban flooding, winter storms and erosion control that reflect the reality of our changing climate.



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