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JM Landscaping located in Scarborough will clean / remove the fallen leaves from your property. To get your free fall clean up estimate go to JM Landscapings estimate page.

Fall can be the most beautiful time of the year, the changing colors in the leaves can be an amazing view to take in. JM Landscaping being based in Scarborough gets to witness first hand the fall colors on the many mature tress on both residential and commercial properties. We also get to witness the satisfaction of our customers when we clean their residential and commercial properites of the leaves that fall. If fall is a busy time for you like most people and you do not have time to clean up the leaves that have fallen please contact JM Landscaping for a free fall clean up estimate.
Not only does JM Landscaping clean up the fallen leaves we also prune perennials professioanlly so they are in top shape for the spring. If you have annuals planted than we can remove them and fall is also the time to plant bulbs that will appear the following spring.
Fall clean up can also include fertilizing; Fall fertilizing is often over looked due to the fact that the lawn will be cover in snow during the winter however the fall fertilizing is the most important. A fall fertilizing will give your lawn a strong root system and after the snow melts and spring comes you and your lawn will be happy with the results.
Our fall clean up service can include the following services;

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