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Lawn Cutting Tips

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For those of you that have the time and equipment to cut your own grass JM Landscaping would like to share a few tips to help you maintain a nice lawn.

1) Your grass should be cut between 2 and 3 inches. With each cut do not remove more than one third of the grass blade.
2) Cut your grass in a different direction each time you mow your lawn.
3) Do not mow when the grass is wet.
4) Keep you lawn mower blade sharp.
5) Use a lawn mower that mulchs the grass clippings. This will return nutrients back into your lawn.
6) Trim the edges with a line trimmer first. This way you can mulch the trimmed clippings with your lawn mower.
7) Use your line trimmer to edge the lawn. Turn it sideways and trimm along the edges for a clean professional look.
8) During hot temperatures keep the grass long, lets say mabye 3 inches. This way it will reduce the chances of the grass drying out.
9) fertilize at least 3 times per season; Spring summer and fall.
10) Do not over look a fall fertilizing, in fact it is the most important of all!
11) Water your grass at least once a week, depending on rain fall. During dry periods, usually august, water two times a week.

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For best results we apply all these tips and more with our lawn maintenace services.