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After gaining a reputation assisting home owner's to sell their home with our property maintenance services we have expanded our services to include outdoor staging. When selling a house, many homeowners think about what they need to improve upon in the interior. What about the exterior? Landscape appearance and an outdoor entertainment area can be equally important compared to wall color or an indoor entertainment room. The exterior of your property is equally important to the interior of your property and if you are considering staging than outdoor landscape staging should not be over looked! From the front it is called curb appeal, the first impression left with a potential buyer. Any first impression should be a positive one. Now let's go through the motions when your house is being viewed. The buyer first see's your front property and scans in a matter of seconds forming a first impression of what they will be spending their hard earned money on. They see the lawn, gardens and overall presentation and right away their first impression is formed. From there they will walk into your house and it may be staged in the interior or it may not be staged, either way they will eventually view the back yard. Is there an entertainment area? Is there an area where the buyer can BBQ and enjoy the outdoors in their own yard? Is the fence old and worn? What about the yard in general? It is easy to become complacent with your yard. Let JM Landscaping take over and set an outdoor stage that will sell.


This time will be used to view your property and share our ideas. We will look at your landscape, house style and colors to come up with an effective outdoor staging plan.


Outdoor furniture
Outdoor rugs


Garden design and installation
Yard Clean up
Lawn maintenance - one time or on going until the house sells
Garden maintenance - one time or on going until the house sells
Lawn repair