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Residential Snow Removal Tips

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There are basically three methods residential snow removal. Use a shovel, snowblower or hire a snow removal company to remove the snow for you with a snow plow.

We will also share some tips on removing your ice. With the ice storm that hit scarborough last winter JM Landscaping knows first hand how difficult this can be for do it yourself residential snow removers.

Residential Snow blower tips

1) Invest in a good snow blower to remove your snow. It will get the job done quicker and it will last longer and blow the snow further from your residential driveway.
2) After you make your first pass with your snow blower it is best to overlap your snow blower on the first path. This will give the snow blower more room to cycle snow out the snow blowers chute and reduce time spent unglogging the snow blower.
3) Move your snow blower at a steady pace, do not push it too fast
4) Snow blow with the wind and not against the wind.
5) Think about where you want the snow to be blown. Do not blow to much in one area as it may block your ability to see while backing out of your drive way. Keep your neighbours in mind, they need to back out of their driveway too.
6) Do not blow the snow against your house. This may lead to flooding.
7) When you are finnished removing snow with your snow blower let the snow bloer run for a few minutes to save you time with maintenance.

Residential snow removal with a snow shovel

1) When pushing snow along your driveway start in the middle of the lane you just shovelled and let the snow build up on the snow shovel as you go.
2) When lifting snow on a snow shovel do not over do it. Lift only half the shovel size to avoid injury.
3) Do not push the snow to the drive way edges and than wait until the end to lift it off the driveway. Space it out, push some snow than lift some snow.
4) Break up ice into small pieces and than use your shovel to remove it from your driveway.
5) During big snow falls try and start in the middle of the storm and than take a break and do the rest after the snow storm is over.
6) Do not let the snow sit for too long after a snow fall especially if it is wet.

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