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Choosing the right lawn cutting company

There are many lawn cutting companies in Scarborough. One quick search will display many results in West Hill, North York, East York an Scarborough. So how do you decide which company to hire to cut your lawn? First you have to find the companies that provide the services you are looking for. Maybe you would like fertilizer spread or mulch installed. When a company offers property services they should have the knowledge to apply the service in the correct way. Some service are basic and others seem basic but the reality is they are not. Lawn care is more than just running a mow over grass. Many factors need to be considered if your desire is a healthy green lush lawn. Grass cutting starts on the work bench with a blade sharpened at the right angle for a nice clean straight cut with a balanced blade. Weekly cuts are best and if you skip a cut you should consider raising the cutting height so you are only cutting 1/3 of the grass blades. Fertilizer is often applied incorrectly burning grass and turning it brown instead of green or jump starting growth to where you have to cut the grass 2, maybe 3 times a week. The key is bringing these element together at the right time and the right way and to do that you need experience and training. Gardens require a high level of knowledge in order to maintain them in the correct way. There are many plants and bushes and some require pruning during certain periods of the year and all of them need to be pruned the correct way. What about knowledge of plant selection? If the property is located in Scarborough than consideration has to go into anything that is being planted to ensure it is ideal for the conditions in Scarborough. The area the plant will be planted has to be ideal for a particular plants survival and growth. Some things to consider are how much sunlight will it get and for how long, the distance plants should be from one another to allow growth and soil PH levels. Some plants do well with a high PH level and others do well with a lower level of PH. Even your lawns PH level should be taken into consideration when deciding on proper maintenance. Gardens in Scarborough go through fairly harsh weather conditions and should be designed to survive those conditions. A garden should always be designed on paper first. This means measuring the garden bed and then selecting the plants and shrubs that will fit best into the space and that go well together. The Color, shape, height, width of each plant all should be thought out thoroughly before planting. Many property owners in Scarborough have come to us to design a garden that is low maintenance others want specific plants and are not worried about the maintenance involved. These are all things we consider and have the experience and knowledge to execute.