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Commercial Landscape Maintenance

We provide summer and winter maintenance landscape services to all types of commercial properties in Scarborough, Toronto, East York and Markham. We are equipped to service most plaza’s, multi residential co-op’s, condo and apartment buildings, hotels and mid sized industrial properties.

We offer professional, customer-focused service on a personal level and provide service the way it should be, to each individual property. While we are working on your property we do it safely and adhere to regulations. Before we start any work we walk the property and remove small debris, litter and identify any hazards that may be present. If your gardens need an update our CLP certified professional can make any property inviting with annual flowers, a few well placed shrubs and fresh mulch. The satisfaction from maintaining a well manicured lawn and healthy garden or creating eye catching gardens never goes away.

We believe property maintenance and a beautiful landscape is all in the details and it is the details that have helped with our success thus far. Our CLP certified professional will see to it that your commercial property is maintained in a professional manner based on your wants and needs. We take pride in the work we do on your property.

When a prospective client becomes our customer the first thing we do is start a "Client Profile". This profile includes not only contact and detailed job site information, but much more personal, client specific content such as: the customers short-term to long-term goals, details on how, when and where their property is used most (ie Entertaining at night) as well as any issues they may have experienced through previous dealings with other landscape maintenance companies, which helps us to prevent an issue before it even arises. If an issue does arise with our work we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss it further and we will rectify any issue you may have.

We are experienced, educated, certified, professional and reliable!