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Pruning is a skill that first should first be studied and than practiced. The purpose of pruning is to obtain healthy growth and to allow plants and shrubs to flower to full potential. For optimal results pruning needs to be performed at the correct time. One must have knowledge of when a particular flowering plant or shrub should be pruned. The location you make cuts need to be selected carefully as the cut location will have a direct effect on how quickly healing will take. All of our pruning is performed on a separate schedule from lawn cutting to allow time and focus on the task.


Another gardening technique to promote growth is dead heading. This is the removal of flowers after they bloom and become spent or faded. Combined with pruning you are also maximizing growth potential.


Garden bed weeding is performed weekly or bi-weekly on your regular service day. It our most popular garden maintenance service. Depending on the square footage of garden bed we may complete all gardens with each visit or we may split services and do sections with each visit completing the cycle once every two weeks or within a month for properties with many large gardens.


Edging is an often over looked garden maintenance task that should be done at least once in the spring. Edging can be added at any time but is typically performed once in spring. If we are redefining edges we can edge with a spring cleanup in April or in May when we come to cut the lawn. If a new edge is required we may complete the work separate from lawn cutting, depending on the square footage we need to carve a new edge into.


The purpose of cultivating is to loosen the soil in your garden beds to allow water, nutrients and air to penetrate deep into the root system. Another benefit from cultivating is for seedlings to grow. When seedlings sprout, the journey to the surface is much less restricted making for an easy arrival. This Garden maintenance service is completed as required.