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Grass Cutting In Scarborough

We offer grass cutting on weekly or bi-weekly plans. You can sign up quickly online (residential) or request a quote to your inbox (commercial and residential). Grass cutting season starts May 1st and ends the 3rd week in October. You can sign up for grass cutting at any time. When our routes are full you will not be able to submit online orders for grass cutting.


If you have a commercial or residential property located in Scarborough north of Eglinton and south of Finch you are in our service area. We have not come across a commercial property in Scarborough we could not cut. We can cut grass at most residential properties, we are limited when it comes to large backyards. In Scarborough it is rare that we find access to a backyard that is wider than 55". We need that access to get our ZTR in and a fairly flat cutting surface.


We use commercial grade equipment for every job and mower blades are kept sharp for a nice clean cut each time we cut your grass. We maintain a grass height of 2.5 inches to 3 inches which results in a stronger and deeper root system. A sharp blade makes a clean precise cut of each grass blade. The crisp cut allows the blade to heal quickly while a dull blade chews and frays grass blades. This results in rough tips which take much longer to heal and expose the wounded tissue to possible turf disease attack.

We line trim using sthil trimmers and maintain a clean straight edge that puts a nice finishing touch to your lawn. We use a backpack blower to clean grass clippings from non turf areas and return them to the lawn. Returning grass clippings to a lawn is an environmentally beneficial practice referred to as grass cycling and unless there is a unusual amount of clippings left behind we do not remove them from site. Leaving the clippings to decompose on your lawn adds valuable nutrients back into the soil. We use the mulching type mowers which are specifically designed for this practice, they promote a more uniform distribution of grass clippings allowing for faster decomposition and a professional finished look.