Lawn care tips

Lawn maintenance is offered on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. You can add on fertilizer a fall over-seed.

Grass Cutting And Trimming

Your grass should be maintained at a height of 2.5 to 3 inches; this is due to the fact that a longer cutting height results in a stronger and deeper root system. As trained professionals, we at JM Landscaping regularly ensure we do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade in a single cutting as this will put stress on the grass plants and can cause it to go brown. The other best practice guideline we follow is using only properly maintained commercial grade equipment for every job. mower blades are kept razor sharp. A sharp blade makes a clean precise cut of each grass blade. The crisp cut allows the blade to heal quickly while a dull blade chews and frays grass blades. This results in rough tips which take much longer to heal and expose the wounded tissue to possible turf disease attack. With each cut all boarder areas will be trimmed to maintain a clean edge.

Blowing And Removal Of Clippings

When we list this service as a part of our service we are referring to removing the grass clippings from non-turf areas to ensure that when our maintenance visit to your property is completed; it looks neat, clean and professionally done. Returning grass clippings to a lawn is an environmentally beneficial practice referred to as grass cycling and unless there is a unusual amount of clippings left behind we do not remove them from site. Leaving the clippings to decompose on a lawn adds valuable nutrients back into the soil. At JM Landscaping we use the mulching type mowers which are specifically designed for this practice; since they promote a more uniform distribution of grass clippings, allowing for faster decomposition and a professional finished look.


We believe that the success of our company depends entirely on the success of our client`s property. This is one of the reasons we prefer to include a minimum of 3 fertilizer applications in every summer maintenance package. The goal of a proper fertilization program is to supply a lawn with the essential nutrients that help promote optimum growth. Despite some huge changes in how weeds, pests and diseases (such as dandelions) are now allowed to be treated, a well fertilized lawn will always be better able to overcome stress caused by insects feeding, their strong root systems preventing weed infestations from being able to thrive and significantly lowers the probability of disease development occurring in the first place. A complete fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. A properly planned, balanced fertility program that contains the precise amount of each of these nutrients plays an essential role in building and maintaining a healthy lawn. The 3 numbers found on fertilizer bags stand for the percentage of: 1. Nitrogen 2. Potassium 3. Phosphorus Most experts in Canada now agree that a truly balanced fertilizer program should contain a ratio of 4-1-2. This ratio is to be interpreted as fertilizer containing four parts nitrogen per one part phosphorous, and two parts potassium. AT JM Landscaping we only purchase commercial grade fertilizer from a reputable Canadian supplier.


Did you know the life span of a blade of grass is on average 45 days? Old blades are replaced by new blades (tillers) in an effort to keep up with the blades that are dying. Adding seed to the grass is essential to maintaining a thick healthy lawn. New grass started from seed will produce more tillers than old grass. This is because as a young grass blade grows it will produce many "tillers" at its base and if the correct amount of seed is spread in the right conditions it will replace dying or dead blades with new young blades. The best healthy lawn is a young lawn but that does not mean new sod needs to be laid. Regular overseeding can keep your lawn young and healthy without the expense of laying new sod.

Spring Cleanup

With our spring cleanup we will clean your yard of debris and winter kill and top up your mulch. We will inspect your lawn for dead spots and areas where the grass has thinned and with your appoval we will come back when the time is right to fix the problem areas. If you happened to miss a fall leaf clean up we can remove them.

Fall Cleanup

Our thoughts about fall clean up
Fall cleanup can be alot of work and sometimes is avoided and left until the spring. If you leave your leafs on the ground over the winter they will decay and can cause mold to grow on your grass as well as affect your lawns PH level in a negative way leading to an unhealthy lawn. The leaves will also be there when the snow melts and the job will be twice as hard.

Fall is the time cut back some of your perennials. Cutting back of perennials should only be done when they are in a dormant stage. Its is also a good time to remove annuals so your garden is ready for spring annual planting. Fall is also the time to plant your spring bulbs. Spring bulbs need a "chilling" period to break the dormant stage and the winter natural provides this chilling period. Don't over look fall fertilizing. Fall is the most important time to fertilize, it will help promote a thick, deep, strong root system. A fertilizer high in nitrogen should be used in the fall.

Our fall clean up service can include the following services;

Leaf clean up
Perennial cut back
Annual flower removal
Bulb planting

grass cuttingCutting
grass trimmingTrimming/Edging
lawn fertilzingFertilizing
lawn overseedingOverseeding
leaf clean upSpring And Fall Cleanup

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