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Snow Removal In Scarborough


Residential snow removal is available in most neighborhoods in Scarborough. Our boundary is north of Eglinton Ave and south of Finch Ave. You can order residential snow removal online or request a quote. To order online all you need to know is the size of the driveway in car lengths.

We offer one standard plan for everyone with options to add walkways and salt. Service commences when snow falls greater than 2” occur. Any snow fall with an accumulation under 2” we do not provide service. There is a time guarantee of 12 hours after each snowfall stops. When we get heavy snow falls of 6 inches and above we plow with the storm typically making 2 passes. We do not offer morning time guarantees. When we start our routes depends on the timing of the snow fall, how fast the snow is accumulating and how much snow accumulation has been predicted. If we have cleared your snow and the snowfall has stopped we will return if the city plow snows in the end of your driveway.


Commercial snow removal is available in Scarborough north of Eglinton Ave and south of Finch Ave. We clear snow at most commercial properties; retail, industrial, multi residential, apartment buildings and more. Contracts are customized as needed for each individual properties snow removal needs. We are fully insured and WSIB compliant. Insurance, WSIB certificates and references will be provided upon request.

We offer complete site management for all weather events with 100% zero tolerance including site inspections. Each site we perform services at will have an action plan created and we keep detailed logs of all operations.

Effective management starts with visiting the site and coming up with an action plan in advance of any work taking place. This includes designated snow piling areas and having a good look at the property to prevent damage from snow plowing when objects are hidden. A detailed site map will always be created marking all objects such as speed bumps, retaining walls, drainage holes, curbs, landscaping and fire hydrants that should have access at all times. It should be clear where all the walkways are and where the snow from the walkways will be moved to. Snow piles should be kept away from high traffic areas as this can become a safety/liability hazard for pedestrians when the snow melts and freezes again.

The end goal is to provide safe access for vehicles and pedestrian traffic and keep business operations running as usual.