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Softscape History

We kind of fell into this niche when we were doing general yard cleanup. It was a basic cleanup but before we knew it we were talking placement of a new garden and adding shrubs and flowers to the front garden that would invite people to the front door. After we completed the out of the blue garden work, the owner wanted more. He saw the value in what we had completed and a few days later every garden he had was updated with a new look and the front garden got a second update with fresh, clean eye-catching mulch. He sold his home a couple of weeks later and he referred us to his friend

and after that job we fell into another renovation job by chance. A customer called us and was in a panic. Her house was 5 days away from being listed and her real estate agent was putting the pressure on her. She was a single mother and could never find time to maintain her yard. Weeds had grown 4-5 feet tall covering an area of at least 600 sqft. The gardens were let go and many shrubs had died or were dying. We went to her home and we went over her budget and talked about what she needed and what we thought would be best. We came up with a plan to add curb appeal with focus on the front garden. From there we went section by section with ideas to add a little colour here fill some caps there and the obvious conclusion that those 4-foot weeds needed to go. In the backyard at the fence line, there was nothing but dead overgrown shrubs and a pile of junk. Understandable, she wanted the back cleaned and we agreed. Of course, she wanted the junk removed but this is where we stopped her because her budget was blowing up. What we suggested is to let us take care of the landscape jobs we know best and maybe she could have family or friend help with removing the junk. We left feeling good about getting another opportunity to help a homeowner sell their house.

She called us the next day and explained she received another quote that included the junk removal. It was a little higher than our quote and a big difference in the quotes was they did not include the focus on key areas of improvement that would directly affect the thinking of potential buyers the moment they set eyes on the property. In that first moment, they have already formed an opinion and it is important that their opinion is positive and leaves them curious as to what they may see next. You have to imagine the walkthrough of the house and that is exactly how we came up with our plan to put her budget to use in the key areas. Starting at the front we added mulch, new shrubs and flowers, trimmed everything to perfection and cut the front lawn. Our next area of focus was the backyard but more precise the sliding glass doors potential buyers would walk out and the down-sloped view of the fence line. Naturally, we had our next focus areas and the 4-foot tall weeds had to go as well, they were mostly out of sight up the side of the house with no gate but they just could not stay. After that area was added to our plan potential buys had two way to go. Back in the house through the sliding glass door or out the gate past gardens and down the driveway. Now we had our next areas of focus. The deck had an about a 3-foot drop so we planned to add some shrubs there. They would most likely not be seen until the buyer turned around to view more of the interior or walk out from through the gate. This would be a little surprise for the buyer's eyes. The next focus area was the garden along the fence line leading to the gate. The driveway had weeds growing from areas and along the building line. We could not have the last impression like that so we trimmed down the weeds and on our suggestion, the homeowner would wash off the driveway with a hose. The homeowner saw our vision and how everything was planned for her ultimate goal of selling her house and hired us.

As we were working the homeowner came home from work to check on things. She was happy with the progress we had made and loved the plant material we had ready for planting. A few min A few minutes later her friend pulled up in a van. He hops out, introduces himself and asks if we can help remove the seat from his van. A little confused a first we quickly learned he was there to remove the junk in the backyard. Not even a half an hour later with a little free help from us, the junk was packed in the van and he was off. The choice the homeowner made saved her a couple of hundred dollars if not more and that money went directly to our focused plan to sell her house. We got the job done that day, or I should say night because I do remember using the car lights to finish off a small garden area at the back of the driveway. Our time to complete these jobs was still a work in progress. We heard from the homeowner the next day, she called to thank us for the job we did and for staying until it was done. A week later we got a phone call from her telling us she sold her house. I did forget to mention that we also supplied her with a few planters we had laying around so she was also calling to return them to us. From that point, we decided to perfect our process and offer the service to our clients.