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Softscape Renovation

Our softscape renovation service is for any property owner that has a current landscape in need of some love and attention. We do not use heavy machines or long drawn out plans that consume a budget. We use garden materials, planters, ornaments, lawn equipment and our keen eye for detail. This service is great when listing your house for sale, updating a retail location with a fresh look or if you are hosting an event at your home. You may have gardens that have not received the attention they need and they have become overgrown. Whatever the case may be we can help. A little cleanup, the addition of mulch, flowers, shrubs, planters and fresh cut grass with perfect line trimming goes long way on a short budget.

After you contact us and we have a brief discussion we like to set up a meeting with you at your property. At the meeting, we get an idea of how we will do it and what it will take to give the property a fresh updated look without major expenses. After a quick look, we have a good idea and the next step is your budget. Once we get your budget we can come up with a focused plan by identifying key areas of improvement. Step by step we add more focus areas until l we have walked the property. Next, we put the focus areas into a priority list that also considers the location of the areas. We then come up with a plan for each location step by step. This is the part that will really determine how far we can stretch your budget. After we have our plan set we meet on site again to go over it, after this visit we make a final plan and from there we order materials and start the job.