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Our spring cleanup is a basic service. The objective of our spring cleanup is to get your property in shape and prepared for regular maintenance. We cleanup your yard by removing small branches, twigs and any leaves that remain from last fall and turn the soil in your gardens.


Fall cleanup can be a lot of work and sometimes is avoided and left until the spring. If you leave your leafs on the ground over the winter they will decay and can cause mold to grow on your grass as well as affect your lawns PH level in a negative way leading to an unhealthy lawn. The leaves will also be there when the snow melts and the job will be twice as hard. Fall is the time cut back some of your perennials. Cutting back of perennials should only be done when they are in a dormant stage. Its is also a good time to remove annuals so your garden is ready for spring annual planting. Fall is also the time to plant your spring bulbs. Spring bulbs need a "chilling" period to break the dormant stage and the winter natural provides this chilling period. Don't over look fall fertilizing. Fall is the most important time to fertilize, it will help promote a thick, deep, strong root system. A fertilizer high in nitrogen should be used in the fall.