Terms And Conditions

JML shall have total control of the Work and shall provide all the labor, equipment and services necessary for its performance in accordance with this Agreement and in a good and workmanlike manner shall comply with all laws, rules, regulations and building and fire codes which relate to the Work and shall obtain any permits or licenses necessary for the performance of the Work. JML will be responsible for and shall restore at its expense all damage to the Property of the Client caused by JML in the performance of the Work which damage was not reasonably foreseeable as a consequence of JML's performance of this Agreement.

If requested to do so by the Client, JML shall provide evidence of compliance with applicable workers' compensation legislation in Ontario, including payments due thereunder. JML shall maintain at its own expense Comprehensive General Liability insurance for bodily injury, death and Property damage and evidence of such insurance shall also be provided by JML to the Client upon the request of the Client.

If there are any changes to the Property layout (i.e. adding a fence, pool, shrubs, garden beds, plants, etc.) JML may adjust the Agreement price and a revised agreement will be issued. The Client has the right to accept or reject the new agreement without incurring penalty. JML shall perform work in accordance with the written terms contained or referred to in this agreement. JML reserves the right to renegotiate the agreement when price or scope of work is affected by changes to any local, state, or federal law, regulation or ordinance that goes into effect after the agreement is signed; or any changes to Property layout is made.

JML shall indemnify and hold harmless the Client, its agents and employees from and against any claim for damages arising from an occurrence of bodily injury or the destruction of tangible personal Property provided that the damages are caused by the negligence or breach of this Agreement by JML, or by anyone for whom JML is responsible in law, in the performance of this Agreement and provided that JML is given notice of the claim by the Client within a reasonable time following the occurrence but in any event within 48 hours of the Client first acquiring knowledge of the circumstances of the claim.

JML uses satellite imagery software to measure the lawn size. The per cut price JML quotes the Client is based on the height of grass being under 6". Any grass height that is 6" - 12" will double the per cut price for the first cut. If the Clients grass is above 12" up to 18" the per cut price will triple for the first cut.

JML schedules all services based on our current routes and determines your service day according to our routes. Your service day will be the same day every week. In the event of rain or delays beyond our control your service day could be moved to the next day. Your next service call will resume on your regular service day.

The Client will pay JML for services using the credit card details held on account through our third party payment provider (stripe.com). For weekly grass cutting payments will be equal to 4 cuts (4 x the per cut price) plus hst. For bi-weekly grass cutting payments will be equal to 2 cuts (2 x the per cut price) plus hst. In October depending on your payment cycle the last invoice may be equal to less than 4 (weekly) or 2 (bi-weekly) cuts.

The Client can choose not to store the credit card and instead receive invoices payable online. In this case optional services billed by the hour will still be due on receipt after each service is rendered.

The Client can pay for grass cutting by post-date cheques. However without payment by credit card optional services are not available.

The Client can add and remove optional services throughout the season Please allow 48 hours notice before your next service day when removing and adding services. Optional services are due after they are completed or every 2 weeks